3 recruiting tips to help you hire for your organisation’s growth

An organisation can only be as good as the team that makes it. Hence, hiring the right candidate becomes one of the most important pillars for success. So, how do you ensure that you bring only the most-suited employees on board? We are here to help. According to a survey conducted in 2017, recruiters and hiring managers found that:

  • The time to fill an open position had increased by over 50 per cent since 2010
  • The average vacancy can cost a larger company up to 500 dollars per day, due to lost productivity and expensive hiring tools

To attract the right employees to be a part of your company, you must promote yourself properly. Here are some reasons why:

– 75% of the potential candidates research about the firm’s reputation and its Employer Brand before applying for a job

– 83% of the employers said that Employer Brand plays a significant role in their ability to hire new talent

– 69% of the candidates would not accept a job in a firm with a bad reputation even if they were jobless

(Source: https://www.talentlyft.com/en/blog/article/118/employer-branding-eb-vs-recruitment-marketing-rm-the-difference )

Now that you are aware of the challenges and importance of recruiting the right talent; let us help you understand the right way to do it.


Employer Branding, a company’s reputation as an employer, is the buzzword these days. You must present your company as a desirable employer to attract quality candidates. A good way to begin is by honestly assessing and answering these six questions.

  • Are potential candidates aware that your company exists?
  • Are your jobs visible where your target market is searching?
  • Is your website’s messaging targeted towards your candidate personas?
  • Can candidates easily engage with your company on social media?
  • Is your application process frictionless and welcoming?
  • Does your company feature in the consideration set of a potential candidate when s/he is ready to make a career shift?


Social recruiting isn’t a novelty anymore. It is a must-have. Research from the Society for Human Resource Management (“SHRM”) reveals that 84% of organisations are using social media for recruitment and another 9% plan to do so.

How to start using Social Recruiting for Hiring:

  • Create social media accounts specifically to recruit with
  • Get employees involved in sharing posts on social media
  • Share videos for the purpose of creating positive Employer Branding
  • Create your LinkedIn Page and optimise it for Search by potential recruits
  • Use Facebook insights to study your audience
  • Use Twitter Hashtags to help recruits find your message
  • Time your social media posts for maximum engagement
  • Monitor social media for brand issues and opportunities


The process of recruitment is complicated, multi-stage, challenging, time-consuming and expensive. To address these challenges, recruiting innovations, which make the process digital and automated, have begun.

5 fascinating uses of AI in recruitment:

  • AI-powered assistants (Chatbots)
  • AI for building relationships with candidates
  • Writing the perfect job advert
  • No more cheating on video interviews
  • Eliminate bias

Your workforce is the most important long-term investment for your organisation. Hence, it is imperative to recruit and hire strategically. Being one of the Top 10 recruitment agencies in India, we will be sharing many more insights and tips on recruiting. Do follow our blog or click here to receive updates in your inbox.

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